Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Puzzle Challenge + 500MB Daily for Airtel Users

Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Puzzle Challenge + 500MB Daily for Airtel Users

The Stay-at-Home COVID-19 Essay and CBT challenge has ended. The winners yet to respond to their Private Messages (PM) on the website should do so to claim their prizes. Since the stay-at-home order and lockdown has been extended, it won’t be a bad idea to throw in another challenge. So we have come up with another one. Just like the previous one, there are cash prizes to be won.

For this next challenge, a limitguide Admin will post a Puzzle, Brain Teaser, Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning Test as a COMMENT. Participants will simply have to post their answers or solutions as REPLIES to that comment. The first person to provide the correct answer or solution wins. Easy right?


1. The competition is open to all students

2. To participate, a student must have registered as a member of to create your free membership account. If you are already a member, you do not have to register again, just log in with your existing login credentials.

3. A Puzzle, Brain Teaser, Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning Test will be posted as a COMMENT by any of the limitguide Admins three (3) times a day between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. This means there will be 3 sessions each day.

4. Participants must post their answers or solutions as REPLIES to the comment. All answers and solutions not posted as REPLIES will be disqualified.

5. Participants may be asked to post a screen-shot of their answers and steps on how they arrived at the answer if needed.

6. The FIRST to reply with the correct answer to any of the Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning Test WINS.

7. For each day of the challenge, there must be 3 different winners. This means that a participant can not win more than once for each day. However, you can win again for other days.

8. Participants are to use only one account throughout the challenge. Creating more than one account for the purpose of the competition is not allowed. If you are caught, you will be disqualified.

9. This challenge begins Monday 20th April, 2020 and runs all through the week.

All participants are to ensure adherence to the above guidelines


Three (3) winners will emerge each day. The names of the winners for each day will be announced by one of the limitguide Admins before the end of that particular day. The announcement will equally be posted as a REPLY to the COMMENT that states the Puzzle, Brain Teaser etc.

Each of the winners will get a cash prize of N2000 for each puzzle solved. This means a total of N6000 (Six thousand Naira) will be won daily.

Winners for each day of the competition will be contacted via their Private Message (PM) on the website to claim their prizes.ě

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