TOPS management agrees to students’ requests following protest by the students

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TOPS management agrees to students’ requests following protest by the students

Consequent to the demonstration embarked upon by the students on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, which occasioned the lockdown of all entrances to the institution, the Chairman Governing Council, Professor Adesola Ajayi and other Council members brokered peace with the Management and the Students with a view to resolve the major issues that led to the demonstration.

The meeting resolved on the under listed in order to address the grievances listed by the students:

TOPS management agrees to students' requests following protest by the students

1. The meeting agreed that a waiver is hereby given that the payment of the school fees for this semester should be extended till the eve of the commencement of the first semester 2019/2020 examinations.

2. The Students Union Bus will be repaired and put to use in the next two weeks.

3. On the issue of END SARS campaign, the meeting agreed to set up a committee on sccurity with the Management and the representative of the students.

4. NHIS & Medical Fees: The meeting resolved to look further into the utilization of NHIS and medical fees being paid by students with a view to ensure commensurate Services and if need be, a review.

5. Wifi: The Chairman promised that steps are been taken to address accessibility of the students to internet facilities on campus.

6. Electricity: Pending the upgrading of the Saki Electricity Interchange, the meeting resolved to implore management to explore alternatives to adequate power supply.

7. Shortage of Lecturers: The meeting resolved that the issue of inadequate lecturers for some courses will b addressed in earnest.

8. Entrepreneurship: The programme of entrepreneurship without commensurate services and certificate shall be looked into by Management to ensure enough exposure and adequate training.

9. It was agreed that the late Registration (Disobedient) Fee of Three Thousand Naira paid by sonme students shall be refunded in the next two weeks.

The meeting resolved to meet later and discuss further on these decisions and some other issues affecting the students.

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