(i)Place card: place card is a piece of paper indicating what table a guest at an event is assigned to sit.

(ii)Wine list:It is used to capture data about what people are ordering at your restaurant.

(iii)Napkin: It is used to wipe food and drink from the mouth

(i)Informal silver service.
(ii)Formal silver service.

Informal table service:
(I)Singular knife and bread plate are placed to the left of the small fork.
Formal table service:
(i)small butter plate is placed on the left of the place setting next to the small fork

*(Pick Any Two)*
(i)Caviar Spoon
(ii)Eating Spoons
(iii)Bouillon Spoon


(i)contact with hot surfaces and harmful substances
(ii)cuts and upper limb disorders

(i)Employer will make sure that work areas, machinery and equipment are kept in a safe condition.
(ii)Employer will organise ways of working safely.
(iii)Employer will provide information, instruction, training and supervision of employees so they can work safely.
(iv)Employer will make sure that employees are aware of potential hazards.

(i)Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles such as paper.
(ii)Class B: Flammable liquids such as alcohol



(i)superclass Agnatha (jawless fishes): They are superclass of jawless fish in the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, consisting of both present and extinct species.

(ii)class Chondrichthyes(cartilaginous fishes): They are class that contains sharks, skates, rays and chimeras. They are jawed vertebrates, with skeletons made of cartilage instead of bone.

(iii)superclass Osteichthyes (bony fishes): They are diverse taxonomic group of fish that have skeletons primarily composed of bone tissue


(choose any 3)
(i)Madeira wine
(iii)Port wine
(vi)Commandaria wine
(vii)Moscatel de Setúbal

(i) Capping Method
(ii) Fermentation Temperatures
(iii) Cold Soaking
(iv) Ripeness Level of Grapes
(v) Type of Aging Containers


(i)It is used to strain liquid such as boiling water or to sift dry ingredients, such as powdered sugar.

(i)It is used to strain foods such as pasta or to rinse vegetables.
(ii)It is used to keep fragile produce fresh.

-Egg slicer-
(i)It is used to slice peeled hard-boiled egg quickly and EVENLY.

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