IAUE resumption date and guidelines for 2nd semester 2019/2020 session

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IAUE resumption date and guidelines for 2nd semester 2019/2020 session

Sequel to the pronouncement of the Government of Rivers State for the resumption of secondary and tertiary institutions in Rivers State, the University Senate at its emergency virtual meeting held on Tuesday 29th September, 2020 prescribed the following Government conditions as operative guidelines for full resumption of the university.

1. Every person entering into any of the campuses of the university, staff, students and visitors, must have a temperature check at the main gate.

2. Wearing of facemask is a mandatory requirement for every staff, students and visitors before entering into the university.

3. Wearing of facemask is also compulsory for every staff and students while in the classroom.

4. Every staff and students are encouraged to hold personal hand sanitizers

5. The university community is further encouraged to utilize the running water and soap mounted at strategic locations in the university by regularly washing their hands.

6. All staff and students are directed to maintain social distance at all times and in all places in the university.

7. All sporting activities are hereby kept on hold in compliance with the extant covid-19 protocols.

8. Every social or similar gathering in the university is hereby suspended till further notice.

9. The covid-19 protocols in the university should be strictly adhered to by all staff and students. Any breach of the protocol shall be severely dealt with. To ensure compliance, the University Administration has inaugurated the covid-19 Protocols Monitoring Committee in all the campuses of the university.

10. By the foregoing guidelines, all teaching staff are requested to immediately resume work and commence lectures from the 5th of October, 2020 for the second semester of the 2019/2020 session for which the timetable is already published.

11. All students are by this notice directed to resume classes from Monday, 5th October, 2020.

12. All staff are hereby reminded of the State Government’s caution against an industrial strike in all State-owned institutions.

Consequently, any staff who defiles that caution shall be doing so at his or her own risk.


K. H. Kue-Ikoro (Mrs)


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